Body Massager

Manipol Body Massager Very Powerful WHOLE Body Massager Reduces weight and FAT


Fashionable health care massager can massage leg, waist and arm points to stimulate blood circulation to prevent diseases and release fatigue.

The health care massager features to dredge collaterals and transport blood in the whole body.

The designer massager may eliminate bone hyperplasia, edema, inflammation, nerve pressure, and improve sleep. With this massager, you can use it to lose weight.

Interchangeable massage heads: 3 heads for different parts massage very easy to use, a knob fix all control

Variable speed design

The Manipol body massager has stylish, lightweight design. It is a very powerful and quiet body massager. The MANIPOL body massager not only provides an exercising effect. It also soothes and relax aching muscles due to prolong standing and sitting. The MANIPOL body massager may be use on the waistline, neck shoulder, arm, hip, thigh and calf areas. The MANIPOL body massager provides you with an easy way to exercise and relax at the same time. Engineered and designed to conform to the bodies curves. Unique rapid rotation and powerful massage takes away aches and pains. Light, handy, convenient. Pack it anywhere anytime to relax your muscles. Relieves pressure, restores vigor and vitality.

A new generation of push fat massage machine adopts the innovation of light design flow line, is a strong power of massager. As the movement to provide effect, also relieve relax your muscles. Very suitable for the waist, neck, shoulder, arm, hips, thighs and lower leg abdomen, and so on, allows you to use the simple way and movement and relax your body. Push grease machine, Massage machine the product specification

Real machine size: about 16 x 15 x 10 cm

The power cord length: about 240 cm

Weight: about 1000 g”

The input voltage: 220 V/frequency 50 Hz

The biggest power consumption: 25 W

Speed: 2200-2500 RPM

Host material: ABS/TPR plastic Massage head is introduced

  1. Wavy massage head: designed for deep massage acupuncture points design to strengthen blood circulation and improve the body function, is a specialized massage physical therapy to enjoy.
  2. Ball type massage head: designed for oil massage design, powerful introduction and depth activation absorption efficiency. (Do not install protective cloth cover)
  3. Protective cloth cover: prevent hair involved in machines, really protect the head safety.

Note: Product image may be different than actual Product.

The High Frequency Vibration Massager is not a medical product. Not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. If you are uncertain whether you can use this product, please consult your physician before using it.


Portable and convenient to carry with you anywhere

User friendly design, useful and portable

Insert power plug into the wall socket of compatible power source

Turn the knob (Power and Speed Regulator) to start the massager

Turn the Power and Speed Regulator clockwise to adjust the speed form low ~ high, turn anti-clockwise to turn off the device.

After use, turn all switches to the “OFF” position and remove power plug from the wall socket.

Correct use of mesh cover to ensure hair protection


1 upstream and 4 downstream USB port included

Fully compliant with USB specification version 2.0

Hot plug & play USB device

Half-transparent design with Blue LED for power

Package Includes:

1 X Body Massager

1 X User manual


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