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Product details of Multifunctional Electric Lunch Box Lunchbox (Blue) Buy1 Take1

  • Voltage: 110~250V 50/60Hz
  • Power: 40W
  • Rice inner container: 0.6L
  • Dish inner container: 0.45L
  • PTC thermostatic heating element
  • #PP05 food-grade preservation box material
  • Heating time and temperature:
  • 30min — 50~60° C
  • 60min — 60~80° C
  • Can’t be put into the refrigerator
  • Color box size: 180*115*247mm
  • W.: 0.8kg G. W.: 0.82kg
  • Carton size: 710*377*513mm

Product details of Multifunctional Electric Lunch Box Lunchbox (Orange)

Eat your packed meal like it’s freshly cooked with this Heat Preservation Electric Lunch Box. Rice, soup, and your favorite viand are best enjoyed warm and this trusty electric lunch box stored and heats your food in no time. No unnecessary transfers. No need for microwaves and other electric heaters. Simply plug it in and it got your food heating needs covered.

This handy lunch box has a 1.05-liter capacity. Its 2 compartments can house your rice and viand for the day. It also includes a mini bowl that you can use for your soup and other side dishes. Its lid is airtight and has side locks to keep your food fresh and intact.

The FM-218 works efficiently with its low power operation. What makes this lunchbox extra special is the built-in heating panel that is ultra-thin. No extra weight and bulk, it has a compact size to fit your school or day-out bag.

Specifications of Multifunctional Electric Lunch Box

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