Dry Iron (NI-317T)

Features:  NON-STICK COATING DRY IRON Ironing is now a breeze with the N1-317T model! The non-stick coating soleplate rides on smoothly on garment surfaces, the adjustable swivel cord allows easy manoeuvre while ironing and the built-in pilot lamp helps indicate when the desired temperature is reached, ensuring fabrics do not get scorched. Specifications: Power  .1,000 W .Voltage  .240 V  .Weight  .0.9 kg  ..Soleplate  ..Non-Stick Coating  …Button Slit .Yes  .Left & Right Hand Operation  ..Swivel Cord  .Wide Heel Rest ..Yes  …Pilot Lamp  ..Yes..  Sheathed Heater  ..Yes  ..panasonic dry iron ni-317t   ..Dimension (L x W x H)  …230 x 108 x 121 mm  ..Made in Malaysia


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